When I was selecting and altering the samples in drum racks, I decide to pick beats that could be used for percussion.  For example, I picked the washing machine, and the bucket to simulate percussion instruments. 
I added hip hop, and trap loops into my song.  I did this because hip hop is one of my favorite genre's of music.  Also, I thought that the school beats that I made went well with hip hop and trap.
The first thing I did when going through the process of mixing my music in the arrange window was panning the tracks.  I did this so you can hear each track more clearly.  The next thing I did was edit the volume.  I then did fade in's and fade out's.  I lastly slightly compressed my song.
During this project I learned how to make a drum rack of my own beats.  I also learned how to compress my music on abelton.

     When I was selecting and altering instruments and sounds in Ableton Live,  I was picking sounds that went well with my pictures.  My project was with U.S. cities, and the sounds that I picked matched the beauty of the cities.
When I was selecting slides I wanted to pick slides that had a lot of bright colors within the city.  This would ensure that my pictures would match with my song.
When making revisions I made the slide show longer.  I also, I edited my song.
During the minimalistic project I created a unique song that contains a lot of techno beats.  This is a creative song that contains beats that flow smoothly together.  The song is EQed and compressed to make the song sound better.

In the squares project, we were instructed to make a song that contains many different beats.  The beats fade in and out of the song without the listener noticing.  This song allowed me to be the most creative while making the song because I was able to use multiple different beats that sound very different from each other.